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Tim Rundle

Tim Rundle

First Day

Today marks the first day for the 2018-19 school year.  We don’t normally start on a Wednesday which means we get to attend Mass but we obviously did this year.  We got everyone checked in and lunch count taken and made it to Mass on time.

There is always a lot of excitement and nervousness the first day and the next few days.  Students and staff will quickly settle into a routine and the days will fly by as usual.

Thanks to all those individuals who helped with the summer maintenance and cleaning.  The building looks fantastic.  Over the summer we installed a security system on the main entrance.  If you come to the building to see a student or teacher or to drop something off, you will have to ring the door bell and wait to be buzzed in.  There is a speaker system built in so you can talk to the office and they can respond.  There will be occasions I am sure when there may not be anyone at the office or close to the monitors upstairs to let you in.  Please bear with us as we get used to running the system.

In the past, I have tried to write something in my Principal’s Corner each day.  I’m not always faithful and sometimes it is hard to have something new to write.  So this year, I am planning on having a note up on Monday’s with the weeks activities and a recap of the preceding week.  There will be times that I will write more than once a week but I will always try and get something up on Monday.

Thanks for your continued support of St. John’s School.  May God continue to bless you and the students and staff as we begin another year.

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