Tim Rundle

Tim Rundle

It’s Monday Again

Good morning and “Happy Monday”.  We had a real dose of winter weather last week and I have to admit, I’m not ready for it yet.  Of course, I’m hardly ever ready for winter.  But as I told one of my staff on Friday, “We are not in charge of that.”  Jr. High basketball gets underway tonight at Clifton.  Our Bluejays take on the Clifton / Clyde Eagles.  All games are played in one gym at Clifton so we start earlier than most nights.  B girls tip off at 4:00 followed by B boys and then A girls and A boys.  On Thursday we host the Blue Valley Rams with games tipping off at 5:45.  B team games are played at St. John’s and A team games at the public school.

All the parishes and schools in the Salina Diocese are participating in ” I Give Catholic” this year.  This is a national giving day in the United States that is in it’s fourth year.  This is our first year of participating.  It is a one day of giving to Churches and Schools in the country.  I Give Catholic day is November 27th. Advanced donations can start today. We are participating at St. John’s and plan on earmarking any funds we receive for necessary maintenance needs we have.  We are needing to replace the roof on our gym within a couple of years.  It is not leaking but is showing a lot of wear and tear. We also are looking at some room remodels due to future enrollment increases we are looking at.  If you want to make donations you may log onto the Salina Diocese website at www.salinadiocese.org. On the Home Page, scroll down until you see the button that says “Click Here to Donate”.  Follow the directions once you get on the page.  An anonymous donation in the amount of $50,000 has been made to match donations up to $1,000.  This is on a “first come first serve” basis.  Thank you in advance to all who donate to St. John’s School.

There is no school on Friday as the staff will attend the Salina Diocese Teacher Institute with all the other school of the diocese.

Have a great week.


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